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The Piano is Personal

What should someone look for when choosing a piano teacher? 


Someone who truly enjoys teaching, and has experience, not just formal training.  Students learn best when they feel their teacher is invested in their growth and recognizes the unique talents and traits they bring to the table.  A teacher's membership in professional organizations is often a very good sign.  


How can I make my next recital a success?


Rehearse days before the performance in the clothes and shoes you will wear for the performance.  Don't rehearse your material just before the recital.  Instead warm up with scales or arpeggios.  Above all, try to relax and keep perspective!


As an adjudicator, can you give any advice about making a good impression on the competition judges?


Be dedicated to the score, refine each phrase mark, and have musical integrity.  Don't ever make excuses, or bluff in any way.  Believe me, we have heard it all!


What is more important: innate talent or hard work? 


Innate talent for a possible career, hard work for the sheer joy of playing.

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