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Junie Kikuchi, student
Besides lessons in music, I learned respect, dignity and perseverance with a loving heart. Mrs. Curea will forever be my mentor in music and life.


Rand Morimoto, student

My mother took lessons with Mrs Curea, and then I took lessons for years, and now I am sharing my love and interest in music with my children. To this day I seem to apply the discipline of preparation, practice and performance in various aspects of my daily life, like when I make a business presentation in front of prospective customers. I have always felt fortunate that Mrs Curea is able to share her passion and talent for music with the rest of us. In fact, when I bought my first house, the first piece of furniture that I bought (before even a bed or couch) was a baby grand piano. I realized then that Mrs. Curea really instilled in me a love for the piano!

Pamela Lam, NCTM

Vice-President, Glendale's Music Teachers' Association of California

Mrs. Curea has been judging for my students for several years and on different occasions. It is always a pleasure to have Mrs. Curea as our piano evaluator because her comments are consistent and "get to the point." My students always learn something from reading her comments and are able to follow her detailed suggestion and make improvements afterward. More importantly, her comments are honest. I always tell my students how lucky they are to be evaluated by Mrs. Curea. They all enjoy reading her comments over and over again.


Tracy Wang, parent of student

My son Charlie is 8 years old. He has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Curea since he was 6 years old. Ms. Curea is diligent, thorough and always encouraging. Charlie has learned to play beautiful pieces on the piano, but more importantly, developed study skills and a work ethic that he will carry for a lifetime. Charlie really enjoys his classes and always looks forward to seeing Ms. Curea each week. We as parents are very grateful for having Ms. Curea as his teacher.


Rebecca Davis, student
Marie Brown Curea is an extraordinary pianist, teacher and human being. Regarding her teaching specifically, she has the rare combination of unrivaled expertise as well as a wise sensitivity to the needs of her students, both personally and musically. In addition to being a respected and sought after teacher of young artists, professional pianists find her feedback invaluable as well. Her knowledge and skill is second to none. Any student fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study with her is without question being taught by one of the best.


Ralph Barlow, student

Marie Brown Curea was my piano teacher for ten years, but she taught me much more than just how to play the piano.  She gave me some memorable lessons in life; she taught me about following up on my commitments, and striving for excellence.  She asked for respect, and gave it back in full measure.  In my adult years, I made good use of the things she taught me during a 13-year career in the music business!  Later, when I became a pastor, I continued using music in my ministry.  Mrs. Curea even came to my church to play the piano for a service.  These many years later, she remains a dearly beloved friend.  One could not do better than "Ginger" for a teacher and mentor. 


Andrew Stewart, student

I studied piano with Mrs. Curea from the ages of 7 through 14.  I'm eternally grateful for her nurturing approach, which allowed me to develop musically in spite of needing a few years before I came to have a serious interest in the instrument.  The structure of both her individual lessons and the overall arc of the school year (including highly valuable student recitals and adjudications) helped to establish fundamental skills, discipline in practice and comfort in performance that have served me well in my own career as a professional musician.


Mari Kuwabara, student

Looking back, I can’t say that I was the easiest student to teach.  Instead of lectures, I remember being showered with hugs and encouragement...  Under Mrs. Curea’s tutelage, the student as well as the parent is expected to give 110%.  Absolutely no excuses for not being able to practice or even worse, not making a recital.  Her teaching style and firm expectations of being serious about learning music will follow you through all walks of your life and will carry you through the times when you can’t see the forest for the trees.  It is with pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Curea to anyone interested in learning to play the piano.”

Carole Tingle, Tingle Voice Studio

Twenty-five years ago I moved from San Luis Obispo to Santa Monica with the dream of establishing a private voice studio —  Needing a space to teach, I inadvertently, and with very little hope, placed a small ad in a local Santa Monica newspaper. That small ad changed my life when I received a call from Mrs. Marie Brown Curea ("Ginger") offering to share her teaching space with me. Since that time I have come to know "Ginger" as a friend, a colleague, superb musician, and master teacher. I have both performed with "Ginger" and have observed many of her students perform over all these years. Her students are not only trained well, regardless of their level, but have the greatest of respect and most of all - love - for their teacher. I have referred to her many singers who have wished to play the piano and I will eagerly continue to do so. The care and expertise with which “Ginger” teaches and the genuine love and respect that she has for her students are to be admired and seen as an example of the definition of a "master teacher. 


Yumi Kuwabara, student

I studied the piano with Mrs. Curea for over 10 years.  I have many fond memories of going to my lessons and performing at recitals.  Mrs. Curea's teaching style is firm, but compassionate.  She expects your best effort, but understands that a student needs to balance piano lessons with school work and other activities.  In addition to learning the

piano, I learned lifelong lessons such as discipline, persistence, and striving for excellence.  My love and appreciation for all types of music can be attributed to Mrs. Curea's guiding hand. Mrs. Curea is a wonderful teacher and friend.  


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